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"Being a fashion designer is not just something you do. For me, it's a dream, passion, confidence, love, by day and by night. It's my way of life. The luxury of the everyday can be solace in ''times like this''. I'm trying to make clothes that gives you luxury and confidence in every single day, not just in special occasions.

Building a business from the ground up, finding possibilities and that little sparkly things what keep's you going it's rising and I absolutely love it.

I'm always, if I may say so, ''dressed up'' and that's because I truly mean that every beauty and style shines from within. It's the way of our life and our mindset. And it's about every woman itself."

Linda Lukežić, owner and designer in Lusso Couture

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As a young girl I watched my mother every night after work how she sews clothes for my sister and me. She was so pleased and I always wondered where her strength for that came from?! She said: ''When you work with your heart, you can do everything you want''.
Now, I know exactly what she meant.

Seeing her taught me the importance of having your own craft, of having something that you made with your own hands and it's unique. And makes you proud.

She inspires me to dream bigger than I think is possible. She also remind me of who I am, how I've gotten to this point in my career and how to stay grounded through everything.

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When I design, I often begin with the fabric itself. In most situations the fabric is that one tha thits me to the right place. It takes me a days to make Lusso Couture peaces, designed for women who show courage and self-confidence.

I want women to feel powerful and confident and that is signature of Lusso Couture. I always do small limeted collections because for me exclusivity is luxury and rises you from average. 

Lusso Couture is a low waste company, producing small pre-order clothes, designed and hand made in Croatia. This ensures no dangerous dumping or contribution to landfill. 

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